Products overview

This is an overview over all products that we have developed and designed so far.

ZPX-128 universal Z80 reto computer Kit

The ZPX-128 is the answer if you ever wanted to build your own PC, but lack the time to make your own PCB and parts. It is also very interesting for fellow Z80 hackers who want to be creative on a modern platform and want to work on a device that cannot be bricked and that allows emulating most hardware that has ever been made for the Z80.

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microcat portable retro game console

The microcat was an ARMv7 powered retro game console featuring up to 120 MHz speed, WiFi, 128 KB RAM, 512 KB flash, SD card support, 128x128px 16 bit RGB OLED display and USB host and slave.
It has been cancelled due to low demand and manufacturing problems.

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