microcat, the portable retro game console for the 21st century

The microcat is a portable retro game console, made to carry your retro games around with you at any time.
It is thought for creating, not just consuming. A planned code interpreter based firmware would have allowed game creation while you're on the go – right on the device,  but you can also use the convenient web based interface to upload games written in C that can use the entire potential of the underlying hardware.
The console can store up to 30 games on it's internal storage. Games can be up to a megabyte in size which should be plenty of space. Games can take up two slots and use one for the code and another one for their data which is contained in a read only file system. There is a non-volatile data partition that can be written to by the system to store the settings.
Another great feature is the WiFi capabilities of the little console which can make it act as a client or a hotspot and allow you to play multiplayer games or transfer games to the console using your mobile phone on the go.

With the development tools in your hands you can create and share your creations with the world.
The microcat can easily  be used as a educational entertainment device teaching yourself or your child programming in a fun creative way.

This is our second attempt in making this console come to life. We would love to hear from you and we take input seriously.


- 160 MHz Xtensa CPU w/ WiFi capabilities
- 160 KB RAM
- 256 Mbit Flash storage


This is the last rendering of the old legacy version of the console:

Demo Video

This video of the legacy microcat console shows it booting into a 6502 emulator:

Support and development progress

Development of the original design is cancelled, but a new one is in progress.
The original development and support forum can be found here.
Feel free to ask anything and keep up to date on the project.

Special thanks

If you are interested in who participated in the project or supported us, fell free to check out our Thank You page.