What is WalrusLink?

WalrusLink is our attempt to bring full support for common external keyboards to the calculators such as the TI-83+/84+-family.

In its development we focused on keeping it as simple to use as possible so everyone can use it without any further knowledge about the technologies involved. We tried to make it no more complicated than using a cable or an dapter.

What does it do?

As mentioned above, the WalrusLink will  support  a number of different keyboard types such as the old PS/2, standard USB and TI's own keyboards using the 2.5mm audio plug. Once pluged in you can use the keyboard to control the main screen, basic programs and also Axe programs. The Axe support is done by special Axe libraries that provide full WalrusLink support to any Axe program.

 In addition to that we're adding extra features like a built-in audio amplifier to make audio-support for your calculators much easier and the so-called "code mode" in which your typed text will automatically be turned into program commands. This gives developers the oportunity to speed up their development as well as reduces the risks of common accidents like pressing CLEAR button.

Where to buy?

The WalrusLink is currently still under development. But it won't take too long, I promise <3