Codename Redwood


The ZPX-128 is the answer if you ever wanted to build your own (retro) PC, but lack the time to make your own PCB and parts. It is also very interesting for fellow Z80 hackers who want to be creative on a modern platform and want to work on a device that cannot be bricked and that allows emulating most hardware that has ever been made for the Z80. The board has a SD card port that will be used to load the kernel ROM into the 128KB of RAM that are available (four pages, the lower 32KB of the address space are always assigned to page 0, but the upper one can be switched between page 1-3). It also features an VGA port capable of 80x50 text mode (26 colors, fore- and background color for every character selectable), game mode (NES style spritesheets and up to 256 sprites; resolution of 400x300) and a TI-8x like screen mode (96x64, 4 gray tones) that is buffered. Audio is supported too (mono) and data can be inputted over a serial port, a PS/2 port and possibly a game controller.


Default processor Zilog Z84C00-10
Default speed 10 MHz
RAM 128 KB SRAM (4+1 pages)
System controller (SMC) 32-bit ST Micro ARMv7ME processor
Speed 74 MHz
Default flash 256 KB
Audio 8-bit ATmega based C64 SID emulator
Text mode 16 colors, fore- and background per character, XX*YY characters resolution
Graphics mode
PS/2 keyboard interface Standard PS/2 connector on the side and a header on the inside to allow adding the project to a custom case
VGA video interface Standard VGA connector on the back
External I/O, debug and firmware update interface
MiniDIN 9 connector with
I2C (for external devices and for accessing the boot flash),
UART (for debug messages and updating the firmware on the PXA),
RESET (for resetting the whole device),
2 GPIO pins (that you can do everything with),
5V and Ground
Power Either a USB jack for data and power or a 5V barrel jack connector